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Park and Eleanor / Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls

by Rainbow Rowell

I saw it on display at the book store and took a liking to the cover. But upon closer inspection I realized it’s YA and that John Green provided a blurb. Then I knew immediately what type of story we’re dealing with here.

a young adult love story that revolves around an out of character heroine with some special traits and an even more special young man that saves her from her situation. It’s also likely that our hero just is about the most wonderful guy there is, he’s caring and funny and knowledgeable about off beat pop culture. He also is popular and liked by many girls that are considered “conventional” girls that may be pretty and popular too. But because he’s got such a great big heart and special eye for unique beauty, he chooses our heroine.

It may seem like i’m ratting on the book but I’m not. But lately I’ve realized that the pattern with YA is that the underdog (unpopular female with the wrong type of jeans) gets the prince (sensitive book smart boy who’s also good at sports) at the end. There are a LOT of these type of stories, even more with the advent of popular author John Green.

Despite all that (a bit of complaining on my part), Park and Eleanor is a great read. It’s well written and depicts a time before playlists on spotify and shared music had to be put into tapes. Eleanor’s struggles feel sincere and you honestly want her to end up better, and spend more time with Park.

Their puppy love is very sweet and keeps you rooting for their relationship. Biggest disappointment would be the ambiguous ending. Even though any reader would clearly understand what happened at the very end but given how likeable the characters are, you’d want a more solid ending.


Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls

by David Sedaris

It’s a Sedaris collection. It’s not wildly amazing but always a relaxing and funny read. What else can I say about it?

29: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

by David Sedaris

another late comer!

this has got to be one of the most depressing books that i’ve ever read on Americana life.

I have read David Sedaris’ work before, well only engulf your families in flame which came out later than this one right here… it’s another set of essays about his family. See how the word family is used in both titles?

there’s a sticker that says ‘laugh out loud’ stuck on the cover of the book, by the library no less to inform me of its hilarity, hilarity will ensue and you better laugh out loud.

oh god.

david sedaris is a great writer, and it’s very funny at times, i’ve laughed, out , loud, SEVERAL occasions.

but for some reason, most of it left me feeling depressed, which is a feeling that i felt at the end of his engulf your families in flames. funny too, but also…very..depressing.

i don’t know why but man, growing up is hard.

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