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OH: periodic table of elements

she wasn’t having a bad day, she was just tired…. it can’t be helped.

she was sorry that she wasn’t as nice to people as she could have been…

two female university students came up to the till, one of them was buying all men’s items… a pair of boxers, a purple fitted tshirt, and a forest green silk cashmere vneck sweater…

for the boyfriend, she thought.

the total of the items came out to be $150 and change. … she tapped her fingers gently against the granite counter top. Everything is starting feel hot and overwhelming, it doesn’t help that she’s wearing a cashmere sweater, in this kind of temperature.

“Wow, I’m glad I’m not dating derrick anymore, what would I possibly buy him?” The university student in glasses exclaimed as she fiddled with her cellphone.

“Oh yeah, you broke up with him. But can you imagine shopping for Steven? I can’t imagine it. Poor Amy…” She took her credit card and swiped, waiting for the customer to sign.

It was taking longer than usual for the credit card to authorize…

“But you know what’s funny? Steven said this the other day. You know what attracted Amy to me?”

She glanced at her watch, only a few more minutes until her break.
She didn’t mean to overhear their conversation, but they were only standing a few feet away. What in a man could be attractive to a young girl?

The one with glasses threw her head back and laughed “yeah because he’s good at math, and physics”

The other one nodded eagerly in agreement “oh and he memorized the periodic table of elements..” Suddenly turning to her, and asked “Do you have a gift box?” before continuing “But you know what? he can’t even sing the periodic table of elements.”

Her bad mood was gone instantly, and a sly smile appeared..

“I can even sing the periodic table of elements, and I’m going to be in Arts soon.” The customer received her receipts and began to collect her things together.

The two began to walk away with their myriad of purchases.

She smile brightly and genuinely thanked them for coming into the store today.



Posted: December 10th, 2010
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