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i finally finished Freedom

i sped through the last quarter of book, skimming and basically skipping out on all parts relating to Patty’s family. I felt inclined to finish since I started but it left no particular feeling inside of me, just that my eyeballs hurt from having to read so fast.

What do I think of the book….

i’ve said before that i never pass judgement easily on something that has been greatly revered or praised. And needless to say Freedom has been.

For me, a lot of it felt like reading transcriptions of my mom and dad fighting, and they fight a LOT, probably could cover the number of pages in this book and many more times over. I dont like it when my parents fight, I dont think anyone does, so it felt a bit tiring to read this book, which is probably why i put it down so many times.

there were a lot of thoughts going through my head when I was reading this book, but right now i can’t formulate them into words.

but, this is one angry book. and after all the anger that i’ve been through myself, i’m relieved to find myself to be more calm, and free of the stabbing-pen-in-hand days (though I still want to stab myself every time that douchebag jeff guy comes from corporate)

and when i’m not angry, i’ve become more optimistic with the world

i’d like to think that while bad things will keep happening, good things will continue too…

i wish i could relate to the way Jonothan Franzen thinks we’re living (also I live in Canada…that might have changed things).

But i’m relieved that I can’t.

read this opinion piece on the book and JF it’s interesting

Posted: December 5th, 2010
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not again

im not gonna finish monsieur pain
i just can’t do it
i’ve brought it everywhere with me, for some reason im just not keeping up with the characters…blah

i think his great literature is escaping me right now
currently re-reading something…

will blog about it later, maybe

p.s. was purchasing books on amazon earlier, AND AND someone gave 1 star to East of Eden? I just purchased it for my plane ride, i dont know why i chose it but anna kareina is too heavy, though east of eden is about 600 pages too..

either way, i find it hard to believe that people would give low star ratings to classics…

most of the time, i dont understand them or it’ll take more than one read for its pure genius to reach me on molecular levels…

but im not brave enough to state my opinion on classics, theres too much to know and i dont know any of it yet

all but hope is lost

currently reading:

Love is a Mix tape: life and loss, one song at a time by Rob Sheffield
In the kitchen: Monica Ali
Parrot and Olivier in America – Peter Carey

there’s something about British books, in this case, Monica Ali’s In the Kitchen, they turn me off. Huge time.
I think I’ve written somewhere before that I like to read about anti-heros, oh yeah, that was my blip about John Cusack and all his roles. I chose this book because, it has a nice cover, the shade of orange-red tickles my fancy, it has a picture of a kitchen, the font and paper was not appalling.

And she won some sort of a prize. What can I say….? It’s kind of boring, I haven’t finished it yet so maybe it’ll get exciting soon. I really want to try and finish this because it seems like I’m not finishing a lot of books lately and this ones is a bit thick, but it’s nothing like 2666…!

Speaking of 2666, I’ve attempted to read it as well as The savage detective. Both are by Roberto Bolano. I studied south American literature in high school and it made me appreciate and loathe it. I have an appreciation of it but at the same time, what the fuck is going on?

What I am trying to say is, i don’t have enough stamina to finish either of those books, the font is too small. And I don’t have enough will power to finish it.. I will some day. But I found a thinner Roberto bolano novel: Monsieur Pain. Let’s hope I can finish this one.

Oh yeah, I really wanted to talk about the mix-tape book. Uh, it’s kind of, how do you say, fucking cute..!

I’ll devote a whole entry to it, so for now, im enjoying it.

The book is so cute that it made me dig up a CD to listen to, I chose M-FLO’s Planet Shining…!


bought it for $7 from a Japanese second hand bookstore….!


btw, shout-out to the 3 subscribers of this blog!! :D


this book is so depressing, it made me depressed from near the beginning to the, well where ever i stopped

about half way through, i felt disgusted, just because i hate gore, i hate seeing it, i hate reading about it, i hate thinking about having to see or smell it.

if i read this book at night before bed, i always try to cleanse my brain with some mindless pitter patter so i wont have to think about the consequences this book has brought me. So, it’s probably not a good idea to read anything by Margaret Atwood (great writer, but maybe not bed time reading) after reading this. i always try to watch some random sitcom, but i’m running out of material!

yeah you know it, im fucking sensitive.

i was set on finishing this book, but i couldn’t do it, but as always, im curious. So, i did what anyone else would have done in this situation. Read the last chapter.

it was… a “happy ending”?

but it felt like humanity was doomed, also like Oryx and Crake. O+C is one of my favorite books and without a doubt, it’s dark and without a happy and healthy future. But unlike Generation A, it felt so surreal that I wasn’t too worried, and it probably helped that I read it when I was in high school (happier and definitely less jaded).

Generation A feels like it could happen tomorrow, and tomorrow is too close to home.

Still a huge fan of Douglas Coupland, but in my current fragile state, i dont think it’s the right book for me.

Posted: July 1st, 2010
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