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this and that

the job i talked about here yeah that’s not happening

not because i got a email / phone call telling me that its not possible but its just not

you know how it is, you gota know someone, be someone’s relative, to get a job like that

i kind of had the naive thinking that this time would be different…

but yeah, that’s okay,

that’s okay.. =) =(

what am i doing these days? well just working, i am hoping to work less maybe 3 full days a week so i can do some writing/reading/updating my hundreds of blogs…

maybe looking for a new job? maybe going to hawaii with my family at the end of january, kind of excited because the sun hasn’t seen me in over a month or maybe more…

what else..

obsessed with lupe fiasco’s the show goes on! and his new album dropping on march 8th.

listening to whatever comes my way, just heard King of Leon’s new album, it was..not my style, but i loved the first album so much so idk what happened with this one.

what else…
that’s it? idk haha

Posted: December 26th, 2010
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