Today was PitMad.
I didn’t really plan for it other than the three tweets I wrote for the YA novel I am working on OVER A MONTH AGO!
I am quite a stickler for rules (check it, i’m virgo rising and virgo moon) so I thought you weren’t allowed to tweet out that many times. I wrote 3 unique tweets for the SAME novel.

I woke up rather groggily this morning and copied and pasted one of the tweets onto my twitter account. I had debated whether I should make a new twitter account that’s less ME and more me.

Within TWO MINUTES I got a Like from an agent and a boutique agency.
Yo Yo yo, two GOOD query/agent/publishing things happening back to back?

Dare I dream?

Now I’m like, oh fuck this job I’m doing right now, I’m going to WRITE MORE TWEETS.

I used to write tweets for the KFC twitter account so I’m honestly pretty good.
I churned out a lot of funny / irreverent tweets about my novel that I think would garner attention. A lot of them didn’t even have a semblance of the plot in them but whatever.

I got a few retweets (well not that many, like four) from people on twitter. Prayer hands for those retweets and until the end of #PitMad. I did not get another like.

Honestly? Hands up for any sort of progress.
I am just getting started and I’m happy with how far things are going.
I can’t hope, I can’t pray, all I can do is wait.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Posted: December 5th, 2019
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