When I was editing the YA novel currently in the Query stage…
I wasn’t feeling great about it but I decided to query it anyway.
I got one PitMad hit (which I talked about in the last entry)
and the agent got back to me…
they love the concept and was excited after reading the query
but the pages didn’t excite them.
And it went in a direction they didn’t expect.

I totally know what they mean and I know that agents don’t really give feedback but I asked for it anyway….

I am wondering if I should do a complete rewrite with this new voice that I’m feeling a lot more..
When I was working on this book initially I was still working full time in advertising and I wanted so badly to be literary, to be different and away from my real job and the type of things I wrote distance myself from my coworkers who often times couldn’t tell the difference between affect and effect.

So I may have wrote it “too” literary…

Maybe I’ll do a rewrite about this current thing I’m working on, or I may not, though I believe in this concept…and I believe in my relatively fast fingers.

Posted: December 11th, 2019
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