rejection no.2

I had received an email that was very kind, a kind rejection email.
I find that rejection emails tend to be kind. Because the unkind ones don’t even bother to email.

The email sent a thrill through me. Because it thanked me (they all do) but this one told me to absolutely keep querying.

It suggested that I was not a lost cause, but just have yet to find the right agent.

I studied the email, read it really quickly to get the feeling over with then slowly to mince the words in my mouth.

I decided that this was a positive development.
I even EARNESTLY wrote back an email thanking them.

Then I read the email once again on my phone.

The type …was different.
The line before the last, the line that read “best of luck” was in a different font than the body.

That meant…the body of the email was copy and pasted from a notepad of some kind.

The agent MIGHT have meant what she wrote, or she sent me a template because it’s better to get something than nothing.

I took a deep breath, screenshot the email and sent it to a friend who’s really good at this kind of thing – the kind of thing being reading between the lines, finding out the true intentions of recruiters and the correct way to follow up…

She immediately replied – “yeah it’s a template”

My heart sank.

Of course it’s a template.

Well another day, another day…

Posted: November 12th, 2019
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