The Strange Library

by Haruki Murakami

I remember browsing through Amazon right after I ordered Colorless Tsukuru…and seeing the pre-order for a book called The Strange Library. Its release date was only a few months after Colorless…normally knowing how long it takes to get a murakami book translated..I was baffled at the immediate release….

I acquired the book recently and read it in one sitting. Because you can read it in one sitting. Well, technically, you can read any book in one sitting, but this one especially since it’s so petite.

The Book is designed and art directed by famous cover designer Chip Kidd, but he did a lot more for this story than for his other hired gigs. There were numerous images running throughout the pages. They weren’t all original drawings or art, a lot of collected images from the internet made the cut in low resolution (but I think that’s the point).

It’s a very beautiful little compilation. And for ten bucks, what else can you get? Like a fancy coffee? In my opinion, it’s not the best Murakami read, it’s too short for it to be savored. And his, at times, long-winded style can only be truly enjoyed in its full capacity. I did’t get much out of this little book but I still enjoyed it. It’s a nice piece of art to have at home and to flip through at times.

If you’re a huge murakami fan, you should probably get it. but If you are just an average reader of his, you can probably peruse this at the library in twenty minutes.

All the books that I’ve been reading lately…have been petite. Well, I’m pretty busy with catching up on all the Oscar noms you know (i’m kidding but I have been watching more movies than reading books lately, also I think my attention span has been shot…)

Posted: January 18th, 2015
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