Stephen King On Writing

Stephen King is a prolific horror story writer. What can I say, I’ve never read any of his stuff.

I really can’t stand blood and gore, even in books. It makes me jumpy but then again these days everything makes me jumpy.

Even though I have no first hand experience with Stephen King’s work. I do know that he’s a very successful writer and according to my friends, this is a great read.

And it was!

I read it two weeks ago and it’s still lingering on my mind. The book is divided in two parts; the first half is a memoir of his experience prior to becoming a best selling writer and the second part consists of advice for novice or seasoned writers.

His personal story is fascinating, especially when written in a fascinating way, even though I was reading the book mainly for the second portion, I found myself hanging onto every word about his family, life and writing.

the second half of the book is invaluable. It has a lot of advice, especially when read in conjunction with a classic styles book like The Elements of Style, which recently, was released with an illustrated edition, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about writing really fast.

But of course, everything else comes with practice.

I feel so unnatural writing these blog posts now.

Everything feels unnatural.

What’s up with that? Let’s hope it all passes.

Posted: June 2nd, 2014
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