by Hari Kunzru

I finally got around to reading this book and finishing it. I tried it once before and felt overwhelmed by the beginning. But because I have SO much time at work I decided to try it out again.
The story takes place over many periods in time at a single location called The Pinnacle in the dessert some where near Las Vegas. In the various points in time, different people lived there and crazy things happened. The novel mainly revolves around a jewish woman and a second generation Indian man and their autistic child. They go on a vacation and end up a motel somewhere near the desert and their son disappears. The couple survives through a media frenzy over their lost son but recovers him many months later. Jaz, the father of the son, ends up being paranoid over the recovery and subsequent changes to his son.

Although the story of the lost boy is the main focus of the novel the remaining chapters wove together a complicated story line that spans centuries. To completely honest I don’t full get some of the details and I especially don’t understand the ending. The writing is extremely solid. It was from this novel that I realized the major difference between a seasoned writer and a novice. A seasoned write has a more demure style rather than something flamboyant that a novice would bring about. I am not certain on my observations but when I read something that’s “good” I could feel the weight of the words whereas if I read something by a novice writer the words would seem like they are floating in the air, and they are only kept on the page through by awkward style.

was a full and true book, and for me that’s the highest praise that you can give to any piece of writing.

Posted: May 6th, 2013
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