Leaving the Atocha Station

by Benjamin S. Lerner

It took me what felt like forever to read this book. I tended to read around lunch time but I figured sometimes interacting with my co-workers wouldn’t be a bad thing. so somehow, it ended up taking quite a while to finish.

The beginning of the plot was lost on me as I had read it so long ago. But I didn’t choose to go back and start from the beginning. It felt sufficient to pick up from where I had left out even though I had no idea how the story was going on the page.

The novel revolves around a young American in Madrid on a fellowship about the importance of literature during the Spanish Civil War. Despite his fellowship, he doesn’t do much research or writing. Instead he finds himself making local friends and smoking hash while wondering the relationship between himself and two women; Isabel and Teresa. He meets locals that garners interests in his poems. He also suffers from some sort of anxiety and takes “white pills” that he finds himself reliant upon.

It’s a beautiful read, and filled with non-concrete charm. I would assume that the young American fellow is based on the author himself, or at least pieces of himself.

Posted: April 16th, 2013
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