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The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris

by Colin Peter Field

I don’t know why I have this book. But I do.
No one in my family is big on cocktails but we like alcohol for sure, but usually light table wine and light beer! YES, not a family of strong drinkers I can tell you.

This book is focused mainly on the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Paris. It is accoladed to be the best bar in the world! It’s named after Hemingway because he frequented the bar when he was an expat in Paris.

The bar is written by the head bartender at the Hemingway Bar and he goes into historic and technical detail about many of the cocktails that are well known, and some that may not be known at all.

I am not much of a cocktail drinker but lately my friend and I have been determined to finish the cocktail page at a few bars…. we almost finished a few pages of beer too.
I remember having a side car one night and then reading about its concoction in the first few pages of the book! It was kind of exciting even though none of it really had anything to do with me.

It’s a really fun read if you like cocktails or like learning about drinking in general. I would love to visit the Hemingway Bar one day but I assume it’ll be pricy! Well time to up the limit of my credit card…

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The Handmaid’s Tale

by Margaret Atwood

First things first, I shall direct you to the very 80s-large-shoulder pads movie trailer of this novel. When I first saw the trailer I could not believe what sort of styling they used for the characters and the colors. Why are the colors so bright and everything looked so fake? It’s obvious that it wasn’t very high production.

And why does Offred have such big hair in the movie? I thought she didn’t even have face cream, how did she managed to get hair spray?!?!?!?!

I have only read one book by Margaret Atwood before this and it was Oryx and Crake. I have nothing but good things to say about it and was very grateful that we were assigned such a fun-tastic (fun x fantastic) futuristic read that was fairly easy to analyze and recall from than say, Hamlet…

So being only a little bit familiar with her work I assumed only the best, she is a famous writer and The Handmaid’s tale is supposed to be one of her best works. The most famous, critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

I bought a copy because I went to her lecture a while back. She signed it before I even got a chance to read it but you know this is a winner!

But unlike the 442 other people that gave her FIVE STARS on amazon, I am more among the 106 people that gave 1 and 2 stars for this book.
It was so goddamn depressing.
I wanted to stop reading it in several places because I just didn’t want to be so sad before I went to sleep.

To be fair Oryx and Crake was ‘sad’ too but it was at least exciting.

The story line was not at all epic like Oryx and Crake since there was barely a story line. I felt scared for the women in the story but it was so unbelievable too. I didn’t really feel any sympathy for the main character and her flashbacks were annoying as hell.

The style of writing can only be described as wispy, like one of those annoying winds that brush against your face in what is supposed to be a romantic lovely way, but is more like, gah, this wind is so weak that i can barely feel anything. I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore because it’s been over a week since I finished it.

The weather itself is already depressing enough, I think it’s not a good winter read. Well I wouldn’t recommend it ever really.

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