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Office Girl by Joe Meno

By Joe Meno

This is the most hipsteriest book that I have ever read.

The story revolves around a girl named Odile and a boy named Jack. They are both 20-somethings stuck in the city of Chicago. They both went to art school but couldn’t finish for various reasons. They are both in dysfunctional relationships and Jack just got divorced! They are both artists trying to do something to the world yet there’s always something holding them back….

They don’t end up meeting until later in the book but in the first few chapters we learn about Odile and Jack’s lives separately. When I first read it, I was paying so little attention and the sudden shift in characterization made me think that it was a short story collection, only later did I catch on.

It’s actually not nearly as bad as I first thought it to be. Their “relationship” gets on quite slowly and you’re just thinking, wow for a book that’s basically about nothing it sure is slow, at least make the two characters get together already, we know they are gonna! It was in the description off of the website which I found it on!

I only decided to read it because it was a “quirky love story”, it’s definitely quirky alright. But i think the main reason the book pisses me off so much is that they are ‘artists’ that want to make art for the fleeting moment. It’s quite…. a self obsessed way of looking at things. (I’m @ work, how is it only 10:23 AM). Odile is the one that’s more hipster-y and more art-sy and more involved in an “art movement” than Jack is and he calls her out on her bullshit near the end of the book which makes me think did the author write this out of complete irony?!

Anyways, it’s a quick read, read it at work during lunch, which is what I did. Easy to consume but also easy to forget

I thought I had pulled more quotes but I guess this is all I’ve got.


Is it just because I’m not supposed to? Is it just because he’s married? Is it just because I thought I had the world by the balls and I always end up making a mess of everything?

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Sorry Please Thank you by Charles Yu

woohoo, good job, this is to commend that this is the first book that i’ve ever read in full while at work….
it is a set of short stories by a guy named Charles Yu, whom I had high hopes for but guess what he let me down, this guy let me DOWN…

I’ve read a lot of interviews and articles pertaining to him, and the fact that he’s a lawyer in his spare time, they like to talk about that. I’m not hating on any of that, I’m not even hating on the book but I don’t understand his point of view and his direction. It’s sort of science fiction-ish but it the entire effort felt like lazy science fiction. I didn’t feel for anybody, I didn’t want to know more, the short glimpses into these people’s lives are plenty enough and I had wished that some of them ended earlier.

Which brings me to my second point of …. this guy reads like Tao lin. His writing reads like Tao lin I mean. I hate Tao lin, but I don’t hate Charles Yu…. I want to not hate on authors so much because my narrow points of view are obviously hindering me into how asian-americans are getting published these days.

I have not much else to say other than that I’ll try to finish Office Girl soon because flavorwire recommended it and I don’t get why they would do that…

quotes that I pulled while reading

quotes that i like or at least find interesting

OPEN is my least favorite story so far, SO FAR – like dude, i just don’t get it.

Standard Loneliness Package

Today they have it switched to American television, and I am watching a commercial for our company’s services. It shows a rich executive-looking type sitting and rubbing his temples, making the universal television face for I Am an Executive in a Highly Stressful Situation. There are wavy lines on either side of his temples to indicate that the Executive is really stressed! Then he places a call to his broker and in the next scene, the Executive is lying on a beach, drinking golden beer from a bottle and looking at the bluest ocean I have ever seen.

I pass her in the hall again, and again she doesn’t look at me. No surprise there. Women never look at me. I am not handsome or tall. But I am nice. I think it is actually that which causes the not-looking at me. The niceness, I mean, not the lack of handsomeness or tallness. They can see the niceness and it is the kind of niceness that, in a man, you instinctively ignore. What is nice? What good is a nice man? No good to women. No good to other men.


This is what you have to ask yourself: Do you want to be good, or just seem good? Do you want to be good to yourself and others? Do you care about other people, always, sometimes, never? Or only when convenient? What kind of person do you want to be?


I get that a lot. People know me. I feel like I should know them. I feel guilty that I don’t. Like I should. I feel superficial. I feel like I am a fraud. How can I not know so many people who seem to know me? Is it possible to go through life this way? Apparently, it is. I don’t know myself, I don’t know my friends, I don’t know the people who populate my life. I can’t be the only one. That gives me some comfort. That’s what I tell myself. I’m a product of the world. A by-product. I didn’t ask for this. This thinning out of existence. This hollowing out. My interactions with people are the bare minimum. I don’t feel anything. Ever. Hardly ever. Once in a long while. And even then, it’s random.

Note To Self

Is that what writing is? A collaboration between selves across the multiverse? I’ve written stories that had to be wrung out, drop by drop, in the arid environment of the desert of your imagination.

You’ve written other stories that came in a rush, your forehead clammy, feverish, trying to just keep up with the words as they were pouring out—but from where? Nowhere you can go back to. Nowhere you understand. Do you think you know how writing works?

The book of Categories

it sucked, I didn’t even try to read it

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