The Third Reich by Roberto Bolano

I don’t know how to feel about it because I think I didn’t get it.

I have tried on several occasions to consume in whole Roberto Bolano’s more well known works such as The Savage Detectives or 2666 but I had no luck with either.

I picked up this copy from the library and I found it to be intriguing, only because the story lines was so understandable. And it was so normal, a German couple chooses to vacation in Spain. The woman is very beautiful and the man is very smart, they meet another German couple while on vacation and misadventures begin to take place, such as getting drunk and going to clubs.

More things happen while they meet some colorful locals. While all of it is recounted by the man Udo in a journal like fashion. But soon an unfortunate event takes place and Charly, the German man they meet while on vacation, supposedly drowns and dies. His body was not found right away and because their vacation was closing in, both of the women return to Germany and Udo chooses to remain in Spain to wait for the body to be found.

From then on, the story loses its form and the narrator becomes more erratic. And then it ends.

the book is called the third reich because the main narrator plays a board war game called The Third Reich and he is apparently the champion.

As I read more I grew to dislike the narrator more and more, he is arrogant, very arrogant, or at least that’s my impression of him. He has a weird world view and I really don’t understand most of his decisions perhaps they are not my decisions to understand.

this novel was found in Roberto Bolano’s papers after he had passed. Hence the book wasn’t really edited nor was it even finished to begin with. Perhaps the incompleteness reflected in the lose and aloof style that it took.

I give it a B because I liked the beginning and I didn’t like the end.

but then again what do I know? I can’t really judge a mastercrafter of story lines because I just don’t know enough, perhaps.

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