1: Distrust that Particular Flavor

By William Gibson

On several different occasions, I was encouraged to read Neuromancer, Mr. Gibson’s debut novel. And on several different occasions, I have started it but was unable to finish it. This doesn’t even mean that I got half way through it, I usually put it down after two pages. This is not a stab on Mr. Gibson’s writing but rather my own fear of the future.

Mr. Gibson writes science-fiction you see.

A subject that I embrace only when it’s looking at me in the face, I try not to think about the future too much, or possibly what will happen next year or what kind of wars and political crisis will take place in the next decade. I don’t think about any of it. Pessimism, I have a good grasp on it.

I decided to try and read his newest book, which I thought was to be a novel, but instead turned out to be a collection of essays by Mr. Gibson on various publications about a sleuth of subjects.

Without much effort, I ran through the pages like I was flipping a matchstick book of animations. There was an intimacy about a science-fiction writer that I wouldn’t have encountered if I had just read his novels.

He talks about the future, about technology, about his once short-lived obsession with ebaying watches, his trips to Japan, the school-girl-texting-phenomena among many other things. If you grew up after the internet was invented, you might find it strange to read about things that you believe to be the norm and not the novel. What? There was a time BEFORE digital recording devices? It would be hard to believe that people once upon a time, did not have the internet.

It was a splendid collection of essays.

And he also made me fear Singapore, which I already feared, but now even greatly feared!

I will also go back to Neuromancer, and the many other novels that Mr. Gibson had put out after that.

Mr. Gibson is based in Vancouver (where I am)! and is a twitter lover, since I’ve been reading his book, his tweets have been bouncing up and down from my feed.

And this concludes the 52 books of 52 weeks.

I don’t think I’ll do this for the following year simply because I think I read faster / better if I’m less constrained by a schedule.

Thanks for reading, come back for more~

Posted: February 3rd, 2012
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