12: the sweet life in Paris

by: David Lebovitz

David runs a very successful blog here. He often blogs about cooking, food, life in Paris and his traveling adventures.

This is one of his books, others being cook books, this one is more of a novel / cookbook. Unfortunately I can’t cook. I probably should try to learn but I really dont’ care for it. I love to eat and I savour anything and everything but cooking is a no-no… i am too lazy to even boil water at times.
Perhaps it’s a lazy thing…


easy and fun read! especially for someone like me that has never been to Paris before. I’d love to go to Paris. It’ll just be eating and walking and museums and eating and eating and eating!

Paris life seems a bit haunting, especially by the few things that David describes in his book but like anything else, you give up something to get something…

and i cam adhere to the fact that north americans are probably living one of the most cushiest life on earth and not just because of wealth or the ease of products available to you. most people here don’t cut in line and they are polite. you usually are able to get good service no matter what.

in china, cutting in line is pretty obvious, and in paris apparently so too. but if you don’t have an asian face it’s hard to say if they’ll cut in front of you. service in china is either horrendous or smothering, only two kinds available, nothing in between.

when i was in japan, service is generally good, unless you are at a high end boutique then the service is basically non-existent. comme des garcons don’t give a shit if the tshirt fits your or not, and NBHD will double the price of a shirt if they think you aren’t worthy of it.

also, basically, can’t get anything done in japan ever…..! if it’s related to government or any sort of large corporation. but you just gota accept it…

anyways, it was a easy and fun read, lots of good recipes that i’d like to try out in my dreams…

alas, in my dreams i eat well

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Posted: December 17th, 2011
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