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20: Of Love and other Demons

by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

argh i feel bad/….but then i rmb no one reads this so i dont

this too will be filled in at a later date!

i really want to read The last Cavalier by Alexandre Dumas

im a huggeeeee fannnnn off Napoleon!

i did my extended essay on him and i got a D because when you try to write a 2 month paper in 5 days, this is what you get…!
If you’re such a huge fan why’d u leave it at the last minute? Because…it feels good to procrastinate and it was assigned over summer what do you expect?

but it’s a huge book and i dont know if ill be able to finish it in a week! speed reading time!

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21: The Magician King

by Lev Grossman

you can read my review/talk about the Magicians (predecessor to the Magician King)

As per usual, it is a fast paced book and I mean it’s fast. If they wanted to make a movie out of this book it’d be one long movie, or it’d be one normal length-ed movie. I’m not a movie expert so I really have no idea. But, honestly speaking it was very very fast.

We are back in the land of Fillory with our queens and kings, King Q(KW)entin, HIgh King Eliot, Queen Julia and queen Janet. We are later joined by Josh, Penny and a new character, Poppy.

the stories are not focused just on the things that were happening in Fillory but also what was happening (what happened) to Julia, how she was able to find magic, learn magic and all the risks and sacrifices she took to get there. In comparison to the hardship that Quentin went through at Brakebills, hells yeah Julia had a harder time.

Smooth, fluid prose as expected. this book is a lot shorter than The Magicians. Or at least that’s what I felt like. It seemed to me that the font increased in size…

but it was a good thing that the font was big, i was able to not strain my eyes cause i had to read really fast! obviously, the story is fast so you gota move fast with it.

I think the thing that stood out to me the most from this one and the previous one is the fact that this one is written in a more relaxed manner. This is not saying that the first one was stiff, but there was more formality with the first one as compared to The Magician King. There are a lot of nerd/gamer/geek references, lots of math, history, religion, greek mythology, lots of “inside jokes” for those that were well versed in this area. Lots of them I probably didn’t get, a few I did, but not all of them.

the swearing increased 5x fold in this one than the first one. like i said, i think it’s in regards to the more relaxed writing style.

you should definitely go into this book with a good knowledge of the first one, because i don’t think… it’s something that you could easily just GET upon reading the second one.

it’s good though, it’s a very interesting read and it makes you feel smart after. the ending was kind of a cliff hanger only because i think that there would be a third book in this series. probably the last one.

I miss penny (he made a brief cameo), dude lost his hands, also i never get why quentin thought he was arrogant. arrogance is insecurity, it’s a front.

im so glad that i finished this book today (friday) maybe i could catch up on camus and write the entry for The Plague.

I took some notes throughout the reading but there are a ton of quotes if you look up The Magician King on tumblr, so i’ll link you to that instead of typing out the quotes that others have already typed up.

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22: The Wind up Bird Chronicle

600 pages!!!!

which isn’t a big deal when you are reading something that murakami writes because it’s fluid, easy to read writing. i didn’t really enjoy this one as much and i felt tired at the end, as in i was flipping through the pages to see just how many more to go. i guess i was curious at the ending and how everything would sum up especially sooooooo many crazy things have happened along the way. i felt like the ending was kind of….quiet, compared to the story itself.
i liked the beginning, i was kind of hoping for something lighthearted surrealistic, suburban dream story. but no! the guy getting skinned alive? I was so scared that they’d go back to that, well they did but at least not in detail.

i dont know what to say to be honest.

i kind of like what they did with the rooms / the alternate universe.

it’s really weird because this morning i had four dreams in a row that were linked together.

i dream a lot and it’s very exhausting, even more so because im able to remember most of the details.

so i had one dream, and it was located at a house at the end of a alley. i had friends with me though i’ve never met them before in my life. soon enough i woke up from the dream, it was pretty late in the day already but i felt so tired so i kept on sleeping. i thought i would be returned to the dream but instead i was sent somewhere where the continuation of the previous story but at a different location. then i woke up again, then i went back to sleep. then i was at my own house and i was talking to someone about the first dream, and what it meant. and i looked out of my windows (well now i realized it’s my old house) and i thought how strange all the neighboring houses changed. so i went back to the person that i was talking to and i told her that i was dreaming, that what i had just told her was a dream.

then i pulled myself awake. i literally, made myself wake up.

then i was like, oh..i see….

well that was what happened this morning.

im very tired everyday because of scenes like this.

reading the book kind of made me feel like that.

like i was in many layers of dreams and nearing the end, it was exhausting, and i couldn’t even get out.

but i got out, and the book ended as well.

i had another dream the other day where i got to eat pizza with jesse eisenberg.

i often find advertising in my dreams, do you?

im gonna go see 30 minutes or less later with my family (wow, how middle class are we) and it’s jesse eisenberg and he’s a pizza delivery boy!

there was another time that i dreamed that i was on vacation and we had arrived at a hotel. then i found an ipad inside the drawers. and in the dream i said, i can’t believe there is advertising in my dreams (it was when the ipad just came out)


i had some quotes saved from this book but now im way too exhausted to type them out.

maybe another day if i felt like it.

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23: The Plague

split by time between The plague by Albert Camus and The wind Up Bird Chronicle but Murakami

haven’t finished either, will write about the Plague later on..some time soon

edit Sept 8th 2011 5:00 PM

I finally finished it, it was absolutely on my list that I have to at least finish something! I decided to finish this.
You’d think that a book about The Plague and people dying constantly, a horrible heart-wrenching, mutated death would be extremely depressing. But it’s not….!

I like i like Camus because of the way he brings honesty to all the characters and the things that they say. He must be a very honest person, i like honest people. I like people that have nothing to hide. Or you can be someone that can hide everything and we’ll never know.

I took a lot of notes actually but I lost the post-it so I only have the quotes that I kept in the latter part of the book.

page 79 – 80: ‘You understand, doctor. At a pinch, it is easy enough to choose between but and and. It already becomes more difficult to opt for and or then. The difficulty grows with then and afterwards. But what is surely hardest of all is to decide whether one should put and or not.’

I realized that people only ever feel depressed by something if they feel that they could somehow be directly impacted by it. In this day and age, no one can really be plagued by The Plague anymore, perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel too struck by the offense that is this disease.

page 98: “…. And then I had to see people die. Do you know that there are people who refuse to die? Have you ever heard a woman cry out “Never!” at the moment of death? I have. And I realized then that I could not get used to it. I was young and my disgust thought that it was directed against the very order of the world. Since then I have become more modest. quite simply I am still not used to seeing people die. I don’t know anything more than that. But, after all….”

in a later paragraph

A cloud seemed to pass over Rieux’s face.

‘Always, I know that. But that is not a reason to give up the struggle.’
“No, it’s not a reason. But in that case I imagine what this plague must mean to you.”
“Yes,” said Rieux. “An endless defeat.”
Tarrou stared at the doctor for a moment, then got up and walked stiffly towards the door. Rieux followed. He was about to catch him up when Tarrou, who seemed to be staring at his feet, said:
“Who taught you all that, doctor?”
The reply was instantaneous.

page 102: A lot of new moralists appeared in the town at this moment, saying that nothing was any use and that we should go down on our knees. Tarrou, Rieux and their friends could answer this or that, but the conclusion was always what they knew it would be: one must fight, in one way or another, and not go down on one’s knees. The whole questions was to prevent the largest possible number of people from dying and suffering a definitive separation. There was only one way to do this, which was to fight the plague. There was nothing admirable about this truth, it simply followed as a logical consequence.

page 115: Rieux was saying quietly that he thought he understood when Tarrou came up, very excited.
‘I’ve jsut asked Paneloux to join us.’
‘well?’ said the doctor.
‘He thought it over and said yes.’
‘I’m glad,’ said the doctor. ‘I’m glad to find out that he is better than his sermon.’
‘everyone is like that,’ said Tarrou. ‘you just need to give them the opportunity.’
He smiled and winked at Rieux.
‘It’s my task in life, that: to give opportunities.’

page 124
He looked at them, then asked:
“Come Tarrou, are you capable of love?”
“I don’t know, but I doubt it, now.”
“There, Yet you are capable of dying for an idea, that’s patently obvious. Well, I’ve had enough of people who die for ideas. I don’t believe in heroism, I know that it’s easy and I’ve found out that it’s deadly. What interests me, is living or dying for what one loves.”
Rieux had been listening closely to the journalist. Still looking at him, he said gently:
“Man is not an idea, Rambert.”

page 140 Wives would seize him by the wrist and scream: “Doctor, give him life!” But he was not there to give life, he was there to order isolation. What use then was the hatred that he could read on people’s faces? “You have no heart,” Someone once told him. But he did have one. He used it to bear the twenty hours a day in which he saw men dying who were made for life. He used it to start again day after day. For the time being, he had just enough heart for that. How could his heart have been big enough to give life?

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