by Gary Shteyngart

Wow, wowowow..

okay i probably wouldn’t have finished this medium-length novel if my internet didn’t die for a good day and a half.

what can i say about it.
it’s like oryx and crake, it’s very much like oryx and crake but at the same time much more frightening because the world that we’re seeing in this novel is happening around us, and yeah it might end up like that one day. and by one day i mean sometime next year (exaggerated but nevertheless..)

so there are two real main characters, eunice park, a korean american girl in her twenties, and lenny abrahamov, a fourty year old russian-american.

both came from immigrant families

lenny falls in love with eunice in Italy, where they were both staying in the beginning of the book.

they both move back to new york city eventually but the landscape of the city is no longer what it was like, a beautiful metropolis city that’s revered upon by people all around the world.

and the entire book is laid out as diary entries by Lenny and various “globalteen” (facebook of tomorrow!) messages to her friend, mother and sister

very depressing

political unrest due to lack of funds, everyone that lives in this world survives on credits and their “apparat” which is like an iphone in a sense but there’s no privacy whatsoever and you can look up whoever you want. And everyone is ranked based on looks, credit (amount of money you have or can get ) and fuckability

also lenny’s fearful of death so he’s trying to live forever through his job which is an agency that helps selected folks live forever.

dying is not good but eventual death is good, it’s like you’ll know that all this will end someday. very optimistic thought actually.

was the book
clever? yes very
but i didn’t really connect with any of the characters, which disappointed me. i kind of wish i got around the language and really tried to understand the characters more.

i think i enjoyed the writing but at the same time when i have to think about the book in a critical sense, the overwhelming sadness that i feel from the “future” that they’ve portrayed frightens me and causes me to dislike the entire story.

but while i was reading it, and not thinking about it, i enjoyed it more than i lead on.

oryx and crake highlighted the world’s end if we try to alter or genome too much, or try to do too much cloning etc
this one is mostly about global melt down due to consumerism.


sorry these entries are poorly written and really lack any real thought :(

Posted: July 3rd, 2011
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