27: Palo Alto

by James Franco

in one sentence: worst book that i’ve read this year, no, this life time.

i got it from the library and i always read the inside cover first, and this is what it said

Palo Alto is a fiercely vivid collection of stories about troubled California adolescents and misfits – a violent and harrowing fiction debut from multifaceted actor and artist James Franco. Written with an immediate sense of place – claustrophobic and ominous – the collection traces the lives of a group of teenagers as they experience with vices of all kinds, struggle with their families and one another, and succumb to self destructive and often heartless nihilism.

this is probably the longest sentence in this entire book, and it’s not even part of the book.

i’ve read short stories and collections of short stories. Every new story should start off with a new tune, characters should be renewed and you should always get something out of the story.
i got nothing out of any of the stories, they were all horrible DISGUSTING stories.

let’s be real here. if i am a publishing company, i will want to publish this book, people will probably buy it, especially when they read reviews like this on the back:

“Franco’s talent is unmistakable, his ambition profound. He has taken the twin subjects of suburban Palo Alto and American adolescence and made them as scary and true as they must be. This is a book to be inhaled more than once, with delight and admiration, with unease and pure enjoyment. As a writer, he’s here to stay.” Gary Shteyngart.

I’m sure he got paid out for this?

I won’t believe any review that he writes ever…again.

to be honest i didn’t finish it, it’s boring..sooo boring, even with all the booze, violence, sex and drugs it was boring.

minimalism sure, but, not like this.

some of the stuff that these kids do, are just, horrible horrible things. At least give me some character development! Okay, he ran over a woman and ran away, then what? He felt bad for like two days then he forgot about it?

he prostituted a girl and was like “meh, she changed.” okay…?

I know he took some creative writing classes but it doesnt mean that he can go and publish a book. well he can, because he’s famous. i feel sad for all the people that write and write and write and can barely see the light of day.

this was a horrible book. it was so bad and i can hardly imagine what is going on through his head while he was writing such stories.

james franco, disappointing.

not even gonna tag this post..

Posted: July 10th, 2011
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