24: The Picture of Dorian Gray

nothing good to read lately, we go back in time, we go back to the original, we go back to the classics

by: Oscar Wilde

His wit knows no bounds, literally!
i’m sure everyone knows the story. Dorian gray is a flawless and beautiful human being, he gets his portrait painted by Basil, and at that moment he met Lord Henry, aka, Harry, who tells him that there is nothing better than youth. Young Dorian gets swayed and prays to the painting that he will remain flawless while his painting ages.

After the death of the woman he was engaged with for one day, Sybil Vane, he realized that the painting changed for the worse while he remains as he did ever.

Dorian goes on to do worse things and he ends up stabbing the painting after he killed (or inadvertently lead to their death) several people and wants to right the wrongs that he’s done.

beautiful, a bit confusing during the middle, but still beautiful.

ordered two excellent books from amazon last week, excited to read them, and talk about them, extensively.

Posted: July 31st, 2011
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