Shoplifting from American Apparel

by Tao Lin

Trying so hard to remember what I felt about this book before the internet came at me after my tweet.

I was at the library many moons ago bored and this thin little novel with its look-at-me-now title got me interested and i sat on a red velvet chair (my libraries are nice, we pay really high taxes here – i lied, it was like pink velvet, or maybe even corduroy) and read this book, the first 10 pages or so.

It’s a novella, by the way, so maybe it’s like, i’m trying to guesstimate at 10000 words.

I remember telling several people that I wanted to punch him in the face. Little did I know, so many people wanted to punch him in the face…

Today, I was at the same library, sitting on a bench, bored, so I went to look for his book, of course it’s not taken out, who would take this out. So I went and took this book out, I was writing a bit earlier, re-formulating the plot lines for my fourth rewrite of this one damn chapter. anyways, whatever, i started reading it. It’s so short it’s a very very fast read and believe me, you don’t need any brain cells for it.

It’s very simple writing…

so simple, but not like Hemingway’s kind of simple. I can’t describe it.

Several times, it made me feel disgusted. Not at any of the characters, though i have a feeling that this Sam character is based on the author himself. I felt disgusted because it made me recall several bad childhood memories, several repressed memories…

so i had to stop several times to try and not think about what had happened.


so i made this tweet upon finishing..

and then i realized someone new followed me on tumblr!

oh..okay, so its a tumblr account dedicated to shit talk about tao lin.

so controversial, then someone retweeted my tweet, so whatever. i don’t really care. but i just think it’s funny, i wonder if he (tao-lin) runs all of these mini reincarnations of himself.

he’s an ‘artist’ more than anything else, all about performance art but some people really hate him.

but i wonder if it’s for publicity.

anyways..i forgot what the point of this was.

um, well, try his stuff if you want to. but i dont know how i feel about his ‘novels’ ….

or his poetry

as someone who might potentially want to be published one day…
i dont know, i just don’t know..

he’s different than people like snooki or that kim kardashian lady, they are famous by default, making them publish books is just good business..

someone who was on a panel with him once said he’s a nice guy that’s just really quiet. I don’t know what that means at all because quiet people scare the fuck out of me. I am not quiet, if i am quiet with you it just means i really don’t want to be talking to you. i’d rather stand deadly silence than make small talk or talk by myself. I hate silence…

I can’t say I hate him because I don’t know anything about him.
Is he a douchebag? I think so because I googled him and the few pictures that came up were douchey looking.

yeah, weird, if from this blog post a few more people read his work i guess his master plan worked. ha ha.

so yeah, okay the end.

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