32: Kitchen

by: Banana Yoshimoto

I feel bad doing another one of her books for this week but they are too easy to read! Seriously, 1.5 hours in a near-drowsy state and i’m done.

i am still reading Life of Pi on the side. No I don’t think it’s a difficult read but it’s what i’ve been reading at work these days.

I really can’t describe the state that her books put me in. For one thing, they’re hella sad. But the sadness is tinted with hope, hope for happiness. That’s really cheesy stuff and normally I scoff at it like nothing else.

People are constantly dying, but I realized for one reason or another, that writing about death is immensely easy. Perhaps people who are bad at facing death in real life choose to write about it instead.

I don’t even have any quotes for this week because that’s how fast I read it and I also was feeling sleepy and I chose her book to not be sleepy. The descriptions in her books are also beautiful; it’s really amazing because she points out very small details about nothing yet they conjure up enough of an image for the entire scene.

I also always really like her narrators, they are always living in a state of distress but the way they deal with things, often by not really reacting to it, is the most human reaction that i can possibly think of.

so much that this one part is too similar to something that i wrote and i’m freaking out lol

ah wells, i really did think of it on my own, funny how coincidences are.

anyways. sorry but also not sorry, try her stuff :D

Posted: June 5th, 2011
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