31.5: Fear of Fighting

Words by Stacey May Fowles
Pictures by Marlena Zuber

Hmm, I’ve resorted to reading picture books have I?

I both love and hate this book, a lot of hate in the beginning, a bit of love near the end. I’ll explain why in a second but let me tell you about the format of this book.

This is a book that’s divided into 51 chapters and an epilogue in 200 and odd pages.

on why i hate it:

this girl, marnie, who is the narrator of the story is crazy.
why are all girls crazy?
i feel bad saying this because i am a girl…
why does no one write about a chill laid back girl and write about some crazy guy because that stuff does go down..
so anyways marnie..
this entire story is about marnie trying to get over her break up with some guy named Ben. Ben sounds like a dirty grownup that refuses to grow up. He kind of sounds like Andy from Parks and Recreation…
but Marnie is not awesome like Ann, she’s crazy.

why i say that she’s crazy, she does the usual stuff that a guy thinks a crazy ex girlfriend would do.

(this book is written and illustrated by women. i’m not being sexist by thinking that Stacey and Marelna are girl names right?)
this book reads like watching a car crash in slow motion, except it’s not a car crash, it’s your best friend and she’s drunk at 3 am and calling you on the phone telling you about her most recent endeavor and you’re sitting there sleepy and wondering why you’re friends with her in the first place?

near the end of the book she rolls it back a bit and gives us kind of a half-assed ending. Because duh, she recovers, the ben & jerry’s are placed back in the freezer and the bottles of vodka are bought no more.

no fun, let her go nuts, just go nuts.

yeah even marnie knows that she’s a drama queen near the end.

but it’s a very fast read, each chapter is like at max 4 pages with one page dedicated to a drawing…

interesting idea but the writing felt wayyyyyy too forced.

it’s like when i use to be a correspondent for this magazine (in high school omfg 100000 years ago) and i wrote a review of the first Utada Hikaru English (YEAH THAT ONE) album and they put it on their webiste! Some utada hikaru fan site found it and said my work was shit even though i praised the album (only because I got a free copy) and that i was trying too hard.

of course i was trying too hard, i was 16!

anyways, yeah it kind of reads like that…

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