30.5: Good bye Tsugumi

by Banana Yoshimoto

it’s weird, if I didn’t find out about Banana Yoshimoto through that literary dictionary I would have anyway. A book came for me at the library and it’s Banana Yoshimoto’s newest book, the LAKE it’s suppose to be her darkest work yet.

anyways, it was on the recommended list.

I love it when the library book is so spanking new. I know quite a few people have had their hands on this book already but it still looks so new. Good job everything, good job at keeping nice things the way they should be.

Goodbye Tsugumi was nice, I always say that her books are faintly optimistic. Not at all in an annoying way, like when someone tells you to drink carrot juice because it’s good for you even though you hate it, not someone who tries to explain you the threat of heart disease on women. It’s not at all like that, faintly optimistic, so faint that you can barely see it, but you can feel it, some what anyway.

Tsugumi is the cousin of the narrator, and she’s beautiful but frail and sickly but no she’s not those annoying girls that you want to slap till they get well. No no, she’s spunky and she’s mean, she’s horrible and sarcastic. She’s amazing…

so the entire story basically talks about nothing but of Tsugumi, Maria (narrator) and Tsugumi’s sister; Yoko’s summer together alongside with this boy that they meet, Kyoichi.

A nice pleasant read, nothing too sad, it’s actually a lot less sad than kitchen and the other ones.. hmm

I haven’t been taking the time to record down the quotes, i’m sorry, i’ll try harder if i feel like it.

Posted: June 19th, 2011
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