30: Apocalypse for Beginners

by Nicolas Dickner

i actually finished reading this on sunday night and i didn’t have a chance to properly blog about it.

now i have 9 minutes to speed blog about it so please excuse me if i make any mistakes

earlier tonight someone texted me to invite me to a birthday party from a number that i did not know. but im sure it used to be in my phone? id on’t know actually if it were or not. i thought perhaps it was a stranger, but then i realized that i got a happy new years message from this person.

i never get invited to parties and i mean never so while being timid i kind of wanted to go…
so i lied and said that i accidentally erased my sim card of information and i asked that person who they were

naturally i did not get a response
so im not going to a party or at a party or anything i just want to watch an episode of this variety show before i sleep
and maybe read some The Adults..

my life, tres sad

anyways right
so this book was really interesting…is that a good thing? i’m not sure. i was actually really rooting for everyone but one of the characters started listing a bad of things, and we’re talking about atomic bomb level of bad here, and the last thing that he listed was the People’s Republic of China.

China does have a bad rap in the western media, but i really think it’s one of those situations that it’s like.. oh, if you only got to know us. of course i am not defending it for all the bad things but there’s no need to drag in regular citizens into a political fight.

ther’es this girl at my work place who is Hong Kong descent and I told her how nice people were to me while I was in Hong Kong even though I only spoke english and mandarin. Then she said, yeah to your face. Then I asked what? Then she said, well they were probably making fun of you behind your back, low class mainland people.

yes she’s chinese too..

that kind of thing really irks me. i didn’t say anything and i just walked away but i feel like i really can’t be her friend anymore. but anyways, that’s rare, people aren’t all like that, just some.

this book is about this girl Hope, and her lineage, her whole family is obsessed with the end of the world and she gradually becomes this way too. the narrator is the a young boy that grows up with her and they become good friends and he falls for her at the first sight of her even though she’s not the most normal girl on the playground…

we learn about their life in the 70s..this is in an era when people were definitely scared of things like air raid and had things like bunkers in their houses.

i’m glad we’re out of that phase…(if only)

It’s interesting and easy, each chapter is only like 2 pages so there are 97 chapters.

but i feel like..while the ending is good, the last 3/4 of the book that leads up to the ending is very rushed and much too convenient for Hope. As much as I understand that this is fiction but man…wherever she goes everyone speaks French?

Oh yeah this novel is translated from French and is by a Canadian Author.

everything was great, the china comment irked me a little bit but i dgaf … so…. if you don’t get offended easily like i do it’s fun and also i don’t think i was even all that offended more like surprised because that chapter was set in the 2000s.. so…

why yes this book does span 3decades.

what else to say, umm…. good easy read if you’re bored and want to know how people lived in that time that’s not that historically accurate, also there are some interesting anecdotes about Hope’s family.

12 minutes, good job.

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