29.5: The Lake

by Banana Yoshimoto

ooh so many things to say, where to start?

No quotes either, i never know how to quote her books, it’s very..flow…? so if you take a chunk out of it, the whole feel that you were suppose to get from that passage is completely lost.

maybe it’s because i’ve been reading too much of her stuff lately so i’m saturated in that..state of mind but this is by far, the weakest one yet.

let’s start off with format: it’s one giant chapter, YES! there’s no breathing space. I don’t like that. I like to breathe, I like chapters I like parts, I like blank pages that indicate that this is an end and an beginning. As much as I understand her point of view of doing it like this but it was extremely contrived.

also, i feel like she’s writing these books out of a formula now.

i read an article a few days ago callled how to write a book in 3 days. And you know it, it’s a freaking formula. You get your characters, you get your weapons, you get your bad guys and you get your dilemma.

I know she’s not one to publish extremely often but there is that sense that it’s kind of become a formula for her.

The first time I read her books was N.P. and it completely blew me away, there was that eeriness that i’ve never experienced before and i really though kafka on the shore was eerie. But it made me so optimistic in a way, it was so fresh, like..okay i get that this is some really sad stuff but that’s okay, you must believe. It really gave off that feeling, such a good feeling.

For me, there’s that incredibly romantic factor of soul mates in her books. That means the characters are off, they are strange, they are anti-social and they’ve all had some death and or extreme childhood/ family trauma. But yet, they find this other person and instead of being doubtful or suspicious they completely throw themselves in the middle of it. WOW! I’ve never read such a sincere beautiful recount of such an honest feeling, it even made me, who hates love, love it.

and it was a beautiful thing to witness. but this book, the characters were completely broken in their own way and they are more broken than ever, but this time, it felt so forced. i got no feeling from the narrator and instead i felt like she was constantly talking for the sake of talking…

there are are a lot of …self-doubt in her books from the narrator / protagonist, and there’s always a lot of, how do i continue to be with this person? and every other time i felt so much sincerity but this time it felt..forced and extremely contrived.

and even the big mystery at the end gave me a yawn since she’s used the same … “thing” once more in a previous novel. So I was disappointed.

and the whole lake thing, not enough detail, it was suppose to be hardcore awesome magical realism, i didn’t get any of it. i didn’t even realize that so and so was speaking out of so and so until i turned the page and really thought about it.



very disappointed

but the inside cover told me it was one of her most emotional work yet…


not saying that there weren’t good parts…but still, contrived..

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