41: The Perks of Being a Wall Flower

by Stephen Chobosky

making up for last week

First things first, MTV publishes books?!?!?! If solely based on this book, they have a fairly good taste in literature I’m just wondering what’s wrong with their TV programming department…

Second things second: Charlie sure cries a lot, I honestly cannot say that I’ve ever seen a boy cry, at anything, happiness, sadness, or pain. Maybe because I live an incredibly sheltered life.

This is another one of those books that I see constantly on tumblr, not as in people are talking about it, as in people are taking pictures of it on floral printed bedsheets with a long-haired girl that’s not wearing any pants.

yup, tumblr in a nutshell.

So basically the format of the novel is this boy, Charlie, who is in his freshmen at high school and he is writing letters to a stranger, literally a stranger, to Charlie too, well I guess not to Charlie but the recipient doesn’t know who Charlie is and Charlie is probably a pseudo name.
And Charlie deals with a lot of typical high school things, and when I say “typical” I mean typical american high school things. Charlie goes through some pretty dramatic things for a 15-16 year old. Not just from experience, but the amount of ‘shit’ that people go through isn’t a lot, statistically speaking, they just can’t go through that much stuff, then the psychiatrists are going to be extremely busy.

Charlie has these two friends who are seniors at their high school, Sam, a girl that he’s in love with, and Patrick, a gay guy who is ‘dating’ the quarterback (this part slipped my mind, I’m not sure what position he plays) of the school football team. They incidentally meet at a football game.

The way that this novel is written is …almost as if we’re seeing it through Charlie’s incredibly deadpanned face. Even though the writing style is like that, you would get teary eyed several times, but the only time I actually dropped a tear or two was when Charlie’s English teacher invites him over to tell him that he’s ‘special’….hmm I don’t know why I cried there, did you ever have an incredibly influential high school teacher? i’m going to ahead and say no…but I think I had an easy going enough relationship with all my teachers that I felt comfortable enough, ironically I was unable to even make eye contact with my university professors..

When I first started reading this book, I gave it the amount of prejudice I gave to all books that are strongly photographed on tumblr, which is a lot. But I really liked it, in the same sort of way, it is equally as contrived as Looking for Alaska was, some of the things that happened were, I suppose, equally as likely to happen or equally less likely to happen but for some reason, I really felt like it was real but with Alaska, it was just like, why are you putting me through this made up torture.

A lot of quotes were pulled from this book :D so i’ll type them up diligently now…

but seriously, Charlie cried a lot, publicly too, in front of the girl he likes too, is it because all the guys I know aren’t emotionally deep enough to cry? I really don’t know….

Page 19: Incidentally, Sam has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn’t make a big deal about itself.

This sentence made me stop dead in my tracks and made me think that I wasn’t wasting my time, I don’t exactly know why…

page 29-30: My parents went to Ohio to see a very distance cousin get buried or married. I don’t remember which.

page 34: And there was Brad, the quarterback of the high school football team. No kidding!
I do not know why this excited me, but I guess when you see somebody in the hallway or on the field or something, it’s nice to know that they are a real person.

I think this too, sometimes when I get really mad at someone (like at a stranger or something) I could only try to make myself remember that they have people that love them and they must not be SO horrible.

page 50: I love Twinkies, and the reason I am saying that is because we are all supposed to think of reasons to live.

I do that too actually, I am going to try and stay alive until xx day because there’s an album coming out on that day that I want to listen to. It sounds almost sadistic but I can’t think of any other way to live sometimes.

page 56: First, I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other. Second, the fights are always the same.

True and untrue I think.

page 103: I feel great! I really mean it. I have to remember this for the next time I’m having a terrible week. Have you ever done that?

I do, all the time and I write it down, but when I’m upset I can’t even remember the times of when I wrote these things down, thoguh I think reading these things won’t really help..

page 156-157: “And if I’ll have an exposed brick wall. I’ve always wanted an exposed brick wall, so I can paint it. Know what I mean?”

page 172-173: The halls seemed different. And the juniors were acting different because they are now the seniors. They even had T-shirts made. I don’t know who plans these things.

page 166: “Ian MacArthur is a wonderful sweet fellow who wears glasses and peers out of them with delight.” That was the first sentence. The problem was that I just couldn’t think of the next one. After cleaning my room three times, I decided to leave Ian alone for a while because I was starting to get mad at him.

page 198: The inside jokes weren’t jokes anymore. They had become stories. Nobody brought up the bad names or the bad times. and nobody felt sad as long as we could postpone tomorrow with more nostalgia.

I think one of the prettiest sentences I’ve read in a while.

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Comment from zoraida - April 10, 2011 at 2:27 am

i actually heard they were making a movie of this! and emma watson is gonna be in it!? haha i read this a few years back and it made me really depressed after i finished =_=;;