38: Skippy Dies

by Paul Murray

it’s quite big, so im not finished, but eventually i’ll fill this in!

i didnt even fill in last weeks. i feel bad! oh wells ;_;


May 3rd 2011

1:32 AM i feel like i’ve been tricked into reading a 600 page book…

1:36 AM still not finished…

1:41 AM: …im so far in, i dont want to give up now…

1:55 AM: im done, just realized i could’ve avoided scanning the last 20 pages if i just read the closing chapter… Well I don’t recommend it that’s for sure, I have a hard time liking characters it seemed….
some really bad shit go down in this book and if i say Catholic Boys School I’m sure you’ll know what it is….
I didn’t learn any Irish slang as I had hoped, the only word that came up was SPA like “that’s so spa” in a bad way not like “that’s so fetch” which never caught on anyway…
Taking note to not send future children to catholic boarding schools…
Also it was pretty disappointing that nobody “stood up” to the bad guy and really kind of just ignored the whole thing; see above, catholic boys school, if you don’t know what ‘event’ took place, just think about what kind of news (negative) circulates the CATHOLIC church…

i like seeing people getting what they deserve and the only person that tried to be honest and good kind of just gave in to “life” because it’s too “exhausting” and signed a confidential agreement..


i dont know …. it seems like our imagination couldn’t even serve up some justice…

the rich don’t pay tax
people do bad things but it’s alright as long as it doesn’t damage anybody’s reputation…


good thing i believe in karma..
even if it doesn’t hit you, it’ll hit somebody you love
that’s often more than painful

even if karma isn’t real, but i can at least with a peaceful mind, else how will i go to sleep at night when everyones driving themselves into a deeper depth of evil?

for some reason i really do foresee the end of the world..

i hope not though

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