37: Bossypants

I’m only half way through Skipp dies STILL. But I finished Tina Fey’s new book in two sittings, would’ve been once except that I had to go to sleep.

Okay basically enough, I would just tell you whether I would recommend or not recommend the book! I would recommend the book if you like Tina Fey and laughter and 30 Rock.

I did not plan on reading the book but then I watched this….

it’s about an hour, so you’re going to do something about your time planning..and what not.

It’s actually only half an hour, you can definitely skip the Q&A, if you really don’t hate time, skip all of the Q&A, if you have some time, skip only the google employee Q&A.

If I met Tina Fey, what would I ask her? This is what I would ask her, in decreasing order of importance.

1. hi, i’m gonna want to apply to be a writer on any of the NBC Thursday line up, i’m just wondering if you could get me an application form or direct me to a website of application forms?
2. hi tina, can you sign my shirt?
3. HI tina, can you get me an autograph from Amy Poehler?
4. Hi tina, how do you think I could capitalize this meeting with you into some fame for myself?

and after I’ve figured out how to make myself famous / rich / important via her, only then I would start on the type of food she likes to eat and where to buy that sandwich they kept talking about on 30 rock, and AFTER all of that would I really care about how she balances life and family, or how hard work has brought her to where she is today.

And the people that asked her questions probably felt the same way that I did, they asked questions that were so generic and boring that they should not be given the status of a google employee.

With all Q & A sessions, they all suck, every single one of them, the questions suck so much, especially that awkward girl that said Glee sucked and how it could be improved if Tina Fey wrote it, way to suck up…

Glee is okay, it’s not for me though.

in this case, the questions sucked MORE because everybody TRIED to be funny in front of Tina (in hopes of being given a job on the spot on 30 rock or something)

Right back to the book, she actually quotes verbatim from the book in the interview, so basically if you’re planning to read the book, don’t bother with the video, everybody is fucking awkward, and I know awkward, they are awkward.

I like how tina brought her own bottled water than to drink the Fiji water, I heard there’s problems…

But for the most part, I enjoyed it very much, I didn’t even know she had a daughter or that she was married! This is how much I care about the celebrities that I like….

Right, so read it, if you like Tina, 30 Rock, people, funny things, laughing, swearing and so on.

Tina’s parents have google alerts set on her name, HI Tina’s parents, can I get a gig please?


Oh hey, guess what, it’s THURSDAY!

Posted: April 28th, 2011
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