48: Kafka On the Shore

Finished this book today! quite late too. Unfortunately I didn’t take any notes during this reading and didn’t jot down any awesome quotations.

This has to be the most..weird Murakami work that i’ve read so far. I’m sure there are a lot of underlying themes that I didn’t fully grasp but I wish I had enjoyed this more, but I didn’t :(

Basically you are reading two stories that eventually overlap and it’s suppose to make you think and feel things, but I kind of had suspected the connection in the earlier chapters so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for me.

I was more interested in story A but as I read along story B became more interesting to me.

But it’s still worth reading if you have some time because it’s beautifully written and there is a lot of philosophy that you might otherwise never consider.


next week was suppose to be something lighter but I flipped through the few chapter or two and it wasn’t very good so next week i’ll read Ann Rice’s Of Love and Evil

One of the most beautiful covers i’ve seen in a while.

edit: sigh, i did not know anne rice is the author of the interview with the vampire, the novel started out beautifully and i did mention it had an amazing cover design. but yeah im not that into that..kind of thing..

the great gatsby is the book of the week then

Posted: February 13th, 2011
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