46: Termite Paradise

Be proud of me, it’s only Wednesday and I’ve finished my book :D :D
This one is called Termite Paradise and it’s by a dude named Joshua Mohr

I didn’t pick this book up for this reason, but Mohr is the last name of Cole Mohr, that really good looking guy who is a model. HE HE HE

The back cover says something like
Termite Parade tosses the concepts of guilt, responsibility, and self-preservation under a microscope and throws the whole shebang in a blender, spinning an imaginative tale as only Joshua Mohr could muster.

Guilt, Responsibility, self-preservation and blend are all the things that I like.

It’s not ground breaking or anything and sometimes you could get lost if you don’t know who is the first person, it changes every chapter and in the last chapter, it is all three main characters in first person, which can be extremely confusing if it weren’t for those lines that separate between each change in POV.

I liked it though, when I first started reading it, it had this random rawness that you just can’t get from classics. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at reading classics, I often get confused and bored, I can’t immerse myself in the old styled language even though I really want to like it. Maybe if I read more I’d understand it.

I also liked some other things about the book

the cover / the typeset (GARAMOND! holy crap, i hate garamond but it looks great here) and the type of paper

I’ve been mainly using cambria lately, nothing but cambria.

Ok, Quotes time!

page 5 There were days I felt like the bastard daughter of a menage a trois between Fuodor Dostoevsky, Sylvia Plath, and Eeyore.
Days Pungent with disappointment
Days soiled and hoarding blame.
Allow me to offer some evidence: about 5am on the morning after my last birthday, I was on my knees in front of the toilet, leaning over it and looking down at the water, waiting to throw up again. I stared at my reflection about could see myself so clearly. My life in the toilet. I was right where I belonged.

(if you’ve lived some disappointing days it is pretty pungent)

page 6 I tried to make another whiskey on the rocks but there weren’t any ice cubes left in the lousy freezer. Not that there’s much of anything left except all my impossible, obscene questions: what’s the difference between lying to yourself and being redeemed, what if they’re identical, like me and my twin brother, Frank, what if they look exactly alike but are completely different monsters?
But here was one I could answer because where there wen’t any ice cubes, there was a sack of frozen peas. So do I make a “whiskey on the peas”?
Had I turned into that kind of person? After that riot that had happened between Mired and me, the answer was easy, tearing open the bag and clutching a handful of green ice.

in hindsight, the opening was the strongest part of the book. :D

FOR THE Rest of the week: i’ll be reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I’ve read Peony in Love which was….basically just me going nuts thinking why are these girls so reserved. I hope Shanghai girls will not be as tragic as the other one…

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