The solitude of Prime numbers

Choices are made in brief seconds and paid for in the time that remains.

by Paolo Giordano

this was from the book as well…


This book read like fanfiction, and i’m not saying this in a bad way, since i read fanfiction and i write fanfiction.

but probably not the type of fanfiction that you think i write…

i say it reads like fanfiction because it’s full of staccatos, random pauses, skips, rewinds, well not really, but the chapters are short and brief, but they all leave a large impression on you.

it’s also quite angsty, which are is what most fanfictions are composed of, and after all they are written by teenage girls. teenage girls who sit at home and write stories about stories, can you imagine? how can they not be angsty.

but then then the character grew up, and the prose flowed, more so than before, more so than when they were teenagers.

This book was translated from Italian but i can only imagine the situations in a very English way, or more like, a very North American way, I’ve never been to Italy but I’m wondering what it would be like… to read this book in Italian, and imagine it in an Italian way.

I don’t know

coupled with this song that i’m listening to, and the ending I just read, everything feels nostalgic and slightly sad.

perhaps this is the impression you’re supposed to be left with.

at least this is the impression that i am left with.

recommended for a lonely afternoon.

Posted: December 29th, 2010
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