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The solitude of Prime numbers

Choices are made in brief seconds and paid for in the time that remains.

by Paolo Giordano

this was from the book as well…


This book read like fanfiction, and i’m not saying this in a bad way, since i read fanfiction and i write fanfiction.

but probably not the type of fanfiction that you think i write…

i say it reads like fanfiction because it’s full of staccatos, random pauses, skips, rewinds, well not really, but the chapters are short and brief, but they all leave a large impression on you.

it’s also quite angsty, which are is what most fanfictions are composed of, and after all they are written by teenage girls. teenage girls who sit at home and write stories about stories, can you imagine? how can they not be angsty.

but then then the character grew up, and the prose flowed, more so than before, more so than when they were teenagers.

This book was translated from Italian but i can only imagine the situations in a very English way, or more like, a very North American way, I’ve never been to Italy but I’m wondering what it would be like… to read this book in Italian, and imagine it in an Italian way.

I don’t know

coupled with this song that i’m listening to, and the ending I just read, everything feels nostalgic and slightly sad.

perhaps this is the impression you’re supposed to be left with.

at least this is the impression that i am left with.

recommended for a lonely afternoon.

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whatever it is

I dont know what’s wrong with you,” She said . “But whatever it is , I think I like it.”

aren’t we all waiting for someone to say that to us?

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this and that

the job i talked about here yeah that’s not happening

not because i got a email / phone call telling me that its not possible but its just not

you know how it is, you gota know someone, be someone’s relative, to get a job like that

i kind of had the naive thinking that this time would be different…

but yeah, that’s okay,

that’s okay.. =) =(

what am i doing these days? well just working, i am hoping to work less maybe 3 full days a week so i can do some writing/reading/updating my hundreds of blogs…

maybe looking for a new job? maybe going to hawaii with my family at the end of january, kind of excited because the sun hasn’t seen me in over a month or maybe more…

what else..

obsessed with lupe fiasco’s the show goes on! and his new album dropping on march 8th.

listening to whatever comes my way, just heard King of Leon’s new album, it was..not my style, but i loved the first album so much so idk what happened with this one.

what else…
that’s it? idk haha

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7 good reasons not to be good

I was really excited to read this book. It has a beautifully designed cover and an intriguing blurb on the back.

but it reads so painfully, i think i’m 5 pages in, i’m already bored and wondering what is happening, theres too much talk, well a book is all talk but there’s too much internal dialogue with the character, idk what he’s trying to do but i do know that he’s boring the hell out of me. And the book had so much potential to be interesting too!

too bad, the cover is SO well designed.

props to the designer.

Cover designer: David A. Gee

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OH: periodic table of elements

she wasn’t having a bad day, she was just tired…. it can’t be helped.

she was sorry that she wasn’t as nice to people as she could have been…

two female university students came up to the till, one of them was buying all men’s items… a pair of boxers, a purple fitted tshirt, and a forest green silk cashmere vneck sweater…

for the boyfriend, she thought.

the total of the items came out to be $150 and change. … she tapped her fingers gently against the granite counter top. Everything is starting feel hot and overwhelming, it doesn’t help that she’s wearing a cashmere sweater, in this kind of temperature.

“Wow, I’m glad I’m not dating derrick anymore, what would I possibly buy him?” The university student in glasses exclaimed as she fiddled with her cellphone.

“Oh yeah, you broke up with him. But can you imagine shopping for Steven? I can’t imagine it. Poor Amy…” She took her credit card and swiped, waiting for the customer to sign.

It was taking longer than usual for the credit card to authorize…

“But you know what’s funny? Steven said this the other day. You know what attracted Amy to me?”

She glanced at her watch, only a few more minutes until her break.
She didn’t mean to overhear their conversation, but they were only standing a few feet away. What in a man could be attractive to a young girl?

The one with glasses threw her head back and laughed “yeah because he’s good at math, and physics”

The other one nodded eagerly in agreement “oh and he memorized the periodic table of elements..” Suddenly turning to her, and asked “Do you have a gift box?” before continuing “But you know what? he can’t even sing the periodic table of elements.”

Her bad mood was gone instantly, and a sly smile appeared..

“I can even sing the periodic table of elements, and I’m going to be in Arts soon.” The customer received her receipts and began to collect her things together.

The two began to walk away with their myriad of purchases.

She smile brightly and genuinely thanked them for coming into the store today.



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Without any sort of spectacle, there it went, my 4 1/2 years at university. For reasons that have been explained infinitesimal times to others, yet still unknown to myself. I didn’t attend my convocation. The boat has now sailed, and I’m taking a bus.

The bus that I took every single day for my senior year is as it always was, nothing has changed. My iPod rewound to the school days, music of back then. All the songs that were shuffled back and forth, placed in between various play lists, reappeared: from the entire discography of Dragonette to Eric Hutchinson’s All Over Now (a must listen for after exam anxiety) to Phoenix to the days passed with Lady Gaga’s glamour. I heard it all, it’s just a reminder. The bus is slightly empty today. I can’t recall whether exams have already started by this time or it’s just an odd time to be going to school.

The peace and quiet, the crisp winter wind seeping through the window sills. The familiar sights, the unfamiliar faces. I can’t help but feel nostalgic. In a mere 20 minutes. I would’ve graduated. Even with my diploma in hand…..

With what do I go on?


somehow felt super emotional during that day so I scribbled this down on my notebook. I think it might have been hunger. now that I’ve fed myself, it feels okay again. But still feeling pangs of anxiety about the future. ..PANGS of it.

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i finally finished Freedom

i sped through the last quarter of book, skimming and basically skipping out on all parts relating to Patty’s family. I felt inclined to finish since I started but it left no particular feeling inside of me, just that my eyeballs hurt from having to read so fast.

What do I think of the book….

i’ve said before that i never pass judgement easily on something that has been greatly revered or praised. And needless to say Freedom has been.

For me, a lot of it felt like reading transcriptions of my mom and dad fighting, and they fight a LOT, probably could cover the number of pages in this book and many more times over. I dont like it when my parents fight, I dont think anyone does, so it felt a bit tiring to read this book, which is probably why i put it down so many times.

there were a lot of thoughts going through my head when I was reading this book, but right now i can’t formulate them into words.

but, this is one angry book. and after all the anger that i’ve been through myself, i’m relieved to find myself to be more calm, and free of the stabbing-pen-in-hand days (though I still want to stab myself every time that douchebag jeff guy comes from corporate)

and when i’m not angry, i’ve become more optimistic with the world

i’d like to think that while bad things will keep happening, good things will continue too…

i wish i could relate to the way Jonothan Franzen thinks we’re living (also I live in Canada…that might have changed things).

But i’m relieved that I can’t.

read this opinion piece on the book and JF it’s interesting

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facebook, why i dont have it

a coworker recently returned from taiwan and wanted to organize dinners together.

another classmate created an event and invited over 50 people for a “small” gathering.

i am often out of the loop, because i dont have facebook.

in an absolutely failed attempted to contact my classmate about the guest list, in the hopes that there won’t be any surprises when i arrive at the party seeing the people that hate me the most there…

yup, i got no replies as who is going to be there. then i got a little bit mad at my friend for not replying…but this really could all be avoided if I JUST HAD FACEBOOK.

i’m going to explain here why i dont have facebook, although most people dont even notice, but some people prod me on missing events or “you made me lose a friend!” …(..yeah i’m sorry for your loss) …

one of my good friends had facebook after moving away to another city in hopes of contacting her friends. but instead, she just got assaulted by this creepy neighbor (on campus) who kept wanting to date her. although these kind of situations never (i’m not being modest, never) happen to me, i felt like being cautious.

but actually not really since im not really like that. i dont mind sharing pictures, or wall posts, or music, or whatever with people. But, i hated facebook, so a few weeks after i finished my exams, i deactivated it. i’ve deactivated my facebook numerous times before, in lieu of hoping to not see someone, or studying..but have majorly failed on all fronts; i really DID need it while in school (contacting those damn people that are in your fucking group project that they assign to FOURTH year students)…

while i was deactivating my facebook, i thought it would be just temporary, in a few days i would succumb the pleasure that is checking my wall repeatedly to see if someone had left me a post…! I really REALLY want to see what my “friends” are doing this weekend! I can’t wait to see their pictures! yeah no i don’t want to see any of that..

so a week passed, then another, and now half a year have passed. i dont have facebook and i feeell greaaatttttt!

i went for food one late late night with two friends who both don’t have facebook. one of them thought i was still drinking the kool-aid. so when he found out that I too have quit we all had celebratory shots of….tea! because he had to drive and it’s cruel to drink in front of someone who also loves to drink. i’d be sad for sure…then the forever alone meme would pop up then we’d all be sad…

anyways, it’s refreshing! i love it, i love not being connected (says the person who’s addicted to twitter…not the same though imo), i love it for people not to know where i have been or are going, or who i am talking to all the fucking time.

i also kind of have nothing in common with the friends on facebook. those that i do have things in common i can contact via phone or text or even, shock gasp omfg, email.

its just in my opinion, that if you really want to be my friend, or that we really click or something. we’d already be good friends, or you’d pick up the phone and give me a call, not caring about pride or image. because that’s what friends are.

it’s an amazing feeling, and i have absolutely nothing against facebook, but, take the plunge, you can do it, i know you can. ;)

i also dont have MSN anymore but I use gchat for replacement.

(basically the moral of the story is, i dont particularly care for most of the people that i went to school with)

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