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I convinced them to get us a recycling bin…!

and we got it! i wrote a note and drew bunnies…


(sorry, none of that -i got hired- here)

Posted: November 29th, 2010
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My Friend the pharmacist

i think i’ve maxed out the allotted number of melodramatic posts for this year…

Posted: November 9th, 2010
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wouldn’t it be nice….

…if i knew what i was going to eat for breakfast
…if i could get the dust to stop setting on my cameras and headphones
…if i could continue to wake up at 7 am everyday
…if i had the will power to go to sleep early everyday
…if i could start reading that book that i said i was going to start reading yesterday

if things went my way

idunnnooo just one of those days i guess

Posted: November 7th, 2010
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Well so much for that

So much for remembering to write everyday…but i’ve been productive! i’ve been reading.

I went to the library yesterday in an attempt to stab the jetlag situation where it hurts. I took out a book called “After the Workshop” by John McNally.

A novel about a guy who had a glimmer of success in the publishing world then not having anything for a very long time until the events of the novel begin to unfold.

The book was interesting enough for me to keep reading but it wasn’t anything too amazing, but I enjoyed it because I think it was kind of an autobiography dipped in fiction. It was a pretty depressing world though, the publishing world I mean.

Sometimes I would pick up random titles from the library and it would be amazing or fun or something, but the authors themselves never really amount to anything and have to work a day job anyway. Very few people have the luxury of writing all the time.

And by luxury I mean torture.

Although stating that one’s an author by nature sounds just plain awesome. It probably is awesome, but it must be crucially painful. Especially with a deadline on the horizon and nothing on the pages. I’ve never had to write anything creatively that was too difficult, I always managed to pan out something to hand in but then again this was in highschool. And I did fairly well in English in highschool… or so I think.

But here’s what i’m curious about, if anyone wants to answer these questions for me.

Can someone sell a book to an agent without actually writing it? An idea? A proposal? Supposedly that’s how the author of Eat pray Love started, and with the advance she actually did go on the trip..

of course having a titillating story is important, but the craft of the word must be just as if not more important. i’ve read pretty negative reviews on both the movie and book of Eat Pray Love, though i’ve not read the book itself. But I can imagine it to be bad, it’s a hype book…

and they are either worth the hype or that the hype is nothing.

I didn’t really think i’d be writing, having had no professional training in the area but i’m so damn bored and I dont know what else to do.

getting back to the novel..

near the end of the book the protagonist receives help from someone to get over his writer’s block and she asks him to write things like who are you and to write a generalization – something you think is true of most people also of you

maybe i’ll attempt at those questions later..

i wished this novel was funnier, and i was under the impression by the back cover that it would be a riot. it lied.

oh wells.

i’ll live.

Posted: November 5th, 2010
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