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things happen

someone tells you something will happen, it makes you very happy that this thing will happen. out of happiness, you wait for extended periods of time because once it happens, it will bring you tremendous amount of interest and happiness, but this happiness dwindles because this thing has never happened, you doubt the validity of the thing, was it ever real? was it ever going to happen? you keep on waiting, because you want this too badly, and being in vain hope is better than facing the truth and knowing that it will most likely not happen.

things happen, or things dont happen

in this case, it wont happen,

but i’ll continue to live with my vain hope

Posted: September 15th, 2010
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not again

im not gonna finish monsieur pain
i just can’t do it
i’ve brought it everywhere with me, for some reason im just not keeping up with the characters…blah

i think his great literature is escaping me right now
currently re-reading something…

will blog about it later, maybe

p.s. was purchasing books on amazon earlier, AND AND someone gave 1 star to East of Eden? I just purchased it for my plane ride, i dont know why i chose it but anna kareina is too heavy, though east of eden is about 600 pages too..

either way, i find it hard to believe that people would give low star ratings to classics…

most of the time, i dont understand them or it’ll take more than one read for its pure genius to reach me on molecular levels…

but im not brave enough to state my opinion on classics, theres too much to know and i dont know any of it yet

The Early Years

I just finished Gabriel Garcia Marquez: the Early Years by Ilan Stavans.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t get most of it.

Not gonna lie, never read 100 years of Solitude

WE DID study Chronicle of a Death Foretold, I have to thank my IB English teacher Ms. Densford for showing us the way into translated Latin American works, I also have to thank my IB History teacher Mrs. Matthews for teaching us Latin American history so passionately, no matter how convoluted it was, it was unforgettable.

Except, that I forgot all of it now.

This biography is so literary, and for someone that never read 100 years of solitude (for shame of me) I couldn’t fully grasp the themes he was referring to. But one thing is for sure, Stavans is passionate, and enthused when he’s discussing the book, whether referring to a portion of Garcia Marquez’s life or a theme or tid bits in the translation. I feel safe when I’m reading it, I feel I can fully trust the voice, he’s being honest, there’s nothing to hide and everything’s fully researched and examined to the very last detail.

It was beautifully written, and I will come back to it one day when I have read 100 years of Solitude.

When I was studying Chronicle of A Death Foretold, the only thing I was able to see right away, the gorgeous language, so rich, despite it being a translated copy. Sometimes, rich language can be seen as gaudy, and unnecessary like too much icing on my cupcake, but here, it’s just right.

I wonder if the flavor of the icing will taste different if I read it in original Spanish, now, you all know how bad my French is, I wonder if I’ll be able to learn Spanish…

Posted: September 3rd, 2010
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