oh okay

it’s 3 am here, actually: 3:05 am, while driving home from tea (as in i went to drink tea with my friends, no lies, real tea) i was sleepy so i assumed i’d be sleeping by 1. lies, these lies that i tell myself.

i just finished reading the flying troutmans by Miriam toews.
i’ve read a few pages of her “a complicated kindness” before, i liked the writing style but it was during a hectic time, i didn’t get a chance to finish.

it took me a long time to finish this one too, but i sped through the latter half of the book. i’m ashamed of myself for taking so long to read things lately.

what i liked about the book: i think if i were ever to write a novel and it somehow miraculously got published, well OR i just went and wrote a novel whether it got published or not (its not important because i’ll have an amazing career in ___________). this would be my writing style, she writes fluidly, it’s hard to follow SOMETIMES because punctuations are scarce and it doesn’t matter anymore when you’ve got so much sass.

that’s SASS

because of the writing style, the lack of a real time line, in my opinion, the book got to be too long.

you can only keep up with that much witty banter for so many pages, its not that the story was getting to be too long, but nothing too dramatic was happening and we’re just learning about the characters, their past, and moving along on their little road trip.

and unlike most other novels, this didnt have a distinct happy or sad ending, as in, the character that they were focusing on in an indirect way was never really settled. i felt like the author rushed the ending too, kind of like how i clean.

in the beginning of cleaning: there’s a lot of attention to detail, i dust things, i put away books properly but near the end of cleaning you get tired and theres a lot of shoving things into closets or blowing away the dust instead of properly cleaning.

although it’s an interesting novel, i feel like it could use more completeness.

i wonder if this will make sense tomorrow, but i really need to go to sleep because i need to wake up for morning scott pilgrim viewing.

will add some quotes as always, but tomorrow because im typing this in the dark.

i feel like a spy, except that im not.

edit: many days later…
Quotes as promised

page 109
Where’d you get that? She asked. She moved her finger lightly over his skin. He stared out the Window.
Hey, she said, are you in a fight club?
you mean like the movie? he said.
yeah whatever, she said.
You mean like that movie Fight Club? he said.
yeah, or you know, a variation on the theme, she said.
a variation on the theme of the movie fight club? he said
yeah! like some local chapter, she said. you know? starring brad pitt? are you?
am i a member of a local chapter that is a variation on the theme of the movie fight club starring brad pitt? he said.

I JUST realized how many ‘she saids’ and ‘he said’ there are in this book, i never even noticed it. when you read the conversations, these insignificant details don’t really appear.


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