A hero of Our Time

A hero of our time by Mikhail Lermontov Translation by Natasha Randall

Do you guys have any tips for keeping the heat down low on your laptop? It’s literally burning my hand. I will admit that my laptop is old, older, about a month short of 3 years. In laptop time, which apparently ages way faster than a dog, is about 30 years old. It’s reaching its mid-life crisis, it’s heating up, it doesnt know what to do with itself and its parts are wearing out…

anyways, i recently reinstalled everything so here’s to hoping another 30 years. I might get a desktop, but I hate sitting at desks even though my desk has wheels.

The back cover of this book tells me that it is the First Major Russian Novel. it was apparently both lauded and reviled upon publication.

After reading it, I don’t really get all the controversy. But then again, times change, and times have changed significantly since its publication.

I like reading translated novels, which i specifically told my interviewer at the book store. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job. It’s alright, i guess i’ll try to keep looking except that i’m not, not really anyway.

There are a lot of endnotes in the book, some books keep its footnotes at the foot of the page but this one decided to keep it at the back. While I appreciate this when i’m reading books with large amount of explanations but most of the footnotes are translations of russian words that would other be awkward if actually translated…

i would appreciate it if they became footnotes..

now the book itself, it’s a lot more readable than some of the other russian translated novels i’ve attempted at. I enjoyed it, although not a page turner kind, because it’s humorous, slightly off-beat humor. Especially the latter portion of the book, all I can think is, what a romantic!!

yeah, the first bit i couldn’t really follow…

i have nothing super literary to contribute to the review of the book…

but if the book claims itself to be the first major russian novel you better believe it. i’m not making fun of it at all, but i think at least, through my first read, i couldn’t fully grasp its importance, maybe in a few years.

AS always, i have some cool words.. to be taken out with the book…

Page 77

His speech is quick and fanciful: he is one of those people who have a flamboyant phrase ready for any situation, who aren’t touched by the simply beautiful, and who grandly drape themselves with extraordinary feelings, sublime passions and exceptional suffering.

Page 82

I was lying, but i wanted to infuriate him. i have a congenital desire to contradict; my whole life is merely a chain of sad and unsuccessful contradictions to heart and mind.

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Comment from Lambada - August 31, 2010 at 7:46 pm

“I might get a desktop, but I hate sitting at desks even though my desk has wheels.”

You win, lol.