The White Tiger and The Magicians

i never read hype books, that means if i see this book recommended too often by half-assed bloggers and is constantly on amazon’s top 10, i won’t read it.

thats not true, new york’s best seller’s list is pretty much my go-to-list for novels nowadays. i mean if they live in new york they must know what they are talking about.

just saying, i finished The White Tiger a while back

it was good and i am recommending it, simply put, it’s easy to read, it’s funny, you won’t put it down and do some work, it’s in paper-back so it’s not too heavy to carry around, and you learn something at the end of it.

its basically about this poor boy from The Darkness and after watching his mother dying young and his father dying of TB from being a poor rickshaw puller, he decides to change his destiny.

going from The Darkness to the city with his master as a driver, he learns about India’s corrupted ways, and eventually becoming an entrepreneur himself, no less a little bit corrupted. It’s a good read because it open your eyes about some other things that are happening in the world, y’know a lot of people are way worse off than you and I are. And everyone has dreams too, don’t give up! and other things to be said at moments like those.


I also read THE MAGICIANS now this isn’t really in my normal league of books. I like LOL and IRL style books, i am a big admirer of Douglas Coupland’s work, so that’s my style, slap stick humor with the haunting reality. But the author, aka LEVERUS on twitter writes this blog called NERDWORLD (which i have been linking for a while on my links page). And I have been reading NERDWORLD for a while now. I honestly don’t know some of the stuff that they talk about sometimes, but none the less I read.

So for the longest time I thought Lev Grossman is just some dude that they found to write a blog about technology-related, game-related, everything that nerds and geeks and big-bang-theory guys would enjoy. Like I said, that’s what I thought. But one day Lev plugged his new book; the Magicians.I guess I should have known, it is on

Hm, what, he writes books? Real books?

Naturally i had to read this book.

It has been described as a teenager’s Harry potter, full of dark humor and coming-of-age-ness.

I don’t know what that means, but I know it was entertaining. There were a lot of dark moments where you kind of go WTF, but usually that mood is broken immediately by some snarky characters’ comment, totally realistic and not taking the situation at hand too seriously.

But be forewarned, it’s nothing happy and pretty and cute with owls like HP! It’s more IRL, full of emoness.

Even though I did thoroughly enjoy the story, there are a few parts that I didn’t enjoy, which I won’t write here because i feel like it will reveal the plot too much, but if you want to email me to discuss on how you thought of the book, i’d be more than happy to!

there were a lot of great quotes in the book, yes, i take notes during reading time.


The MAGICIANS by Lev Grossman

Page 37 – He’d spent too long being disappointed by the world – he’d spent so many years pining for something like this, some proof that the real world wasn’t the only world, and coping with the overwhelming evidence that it in fact was.

Page 41-42 Sometimes he burst out laughing out of nowhere, for no reason. He was experimenting cautiously with the idea of being happy, dipping an uncertain toe into those intoxicatingly carbonated waters. It wasn’t something he’d had much practice at. It was just too fucking funny. He was going to learn magic! He was either the greatest genius of all time or the biggest idiot.

*any book that uses the F word is an ace to me!*

Page 46 Quentin hadn’t realized how hard-won Eliot’s air of ludicrously exaggerated insouciance must be. that facade of lofty indifference must be there to hide real problems. Quentin liked to think of himself as a sort of regional champion of unhappiness, but he wondered if Eliot had him outclassed on that score, too.

*it’s not a competition guys

Page 246 “Are you kidding? That guy was a mystery wrapped in an enigma and crudely stapled to a ticking fucking time bomb. He was either going to hit somebody or start a blog. To tell you the truth I’m kind of glad he hit you.”

*So these are the type of people that start blogs huh..

Page 331 By merely speaking you could create damage and pain, causing tears to fall, drive people away, make yourself feel better, make your life worse.

Page 338 If he couldn’t go back, he would just have to do things differently going forward. He felt how infinitely safer and more sound this attitude was. the trick was just not wanting anything. that was power. that was courage: the courage not to love anyone or hope for anything.


i just realize that i am missing a lot of quotes, i type the page number and approximately line into my ipod touch while i am reading and i go back to find the quotes later. A lot of them didn’t make sense or match!

sigh, that’s what happened when you fail at touch screen Qwerty!


on a personal note, everything sucks and i am feeling the quote on pg 338 like nothing else!

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