the underachiever!

i just finished reading this book (when i say just i meant a month ago) called THE UNDERACHIEVER’S DIARY by BENJAMIN ANASTAS

here’s the excerpt from the inside flap

this is the diary of william, a devout undrachiever. he lives by the following principles.

1. Alone in an age of increasing competition and dminished possibilities, the underachiever, when faced with doing battle, will forfeit rather than draw blood in the modern arena. He is powerless, and deliberately weak.

2. the underachiever is misanthropic by default. he will use negativity as his greatest weapon, and reserve the right to criticize all that is exalted in both secular and religiou society. he lives at a calculated distance from the mainstream, longing secretly to be included, while, at the same time, voicing his contempt for those who play by the rules, that is, achievers of the garden variety, and especially his nemesis, he overachiever.

3. Rather than saying “Yes, yes” to life, the underachiever will say ” No, thank you.” If pressed, he will turn belligerent.

4. Underachievers are not to be confused with younger, slower brothers of southern presidents, like Billy Carter and rogter clinton. these gentlemen do the best with whatver genetic leftovers they’ve been given, while the underachiever is entrusted with a master key to opportunity’s home office, and misplaces it.

5. If the underachiever were a mixed drink, he would be dry martini, one part obscurity (vermouth), three parts unhappiness (gin).

i really want to be an antihero like william and underachieve with my mightiest, but i can’t, it’s too hard, i can’t even achieve to underachieve.

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Posted: October 21st, 2009
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