personal daze say it fast!

nothing in particular is happening with me, i went to this house warming party, got tickled, spilled drink (mojito!) on hostess’ couch but no where as bad as the 33 year old douche bag that spilled RED wine on the beige WALL and beige carpet.

i’ve picked up my reading speed significantly now that i read before bed time. it’s great since you fall asleep faster too, naturally depending on your selection of novels.

i just finished reading (partially finished) PERSONAL DAYS by ED PARK and INAMORTA by JOSEPH GANGEMI

for a while i was pretty obsessed with anything that douglas coupland wrote, and Personal Days is right along the alley of Microserf and Jpod. It is another witty, office, kill-me-now-i-work-in-a-cubicle kind of story. I definitely would have had the will power to finish the Personal Days in its entirety but the last chapter (20? pages) was written without paragraphs in double spacing in all align format. It meant no beginning no end just a slur of words, which would have been fine but i kept re-reading the same page over and over thinking i’ve moved on to the next, and plus i was on a bus. it really wasn not helping the situation.

so i stopped, i got the gist of the story anyway.

Personal Days was well written and definitely funny, but I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters that bounced in and out. Because the reader never ever meets the narrator, it’s confusing (at times) to maintain all the relations in the story. I felt like there were too many characters, current employees, ex-employees, many of which were often mentioned but never played a pivotol role in the continuation of the story.

and like i said; i didn’t finish the entire book but i felt like i got the mood right. it’s a depressing novel, way more depressing than jpod and microserf. because no matter what crazy stunts occur, all the characters in JPOD and MICROSERF move on to better places and lead better lives. While in personal days, everyone gets fired probably at the end. Because someone among them is actually a mole and spies on everyone’s productivity.

also; the amount of wit in the book is misplaced at times because it steers away from the plot. yeah it’s funny and it makes you kind of think, but at times i get distracted and i already have ADD.

and lastly, not that many awesome quotable quotes from this book than any of douglas coupland’s books.

INAMORATA is pure awesomeness! It’s set in the time frame of Persident Coolidge, har har and the apparent prohibition of alchol. The character is a harvard student who’s poor and dislikes privileged people. He and his professor goes on a “witch-hunt” at the expense of Scientific American (i prefer to read New Scientist, more pictures) to find supernatural powers. He inadvertently falls in love with someone that’s trying to prove her supernatural powers.


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